“All faiths have strong calls to care for individuals in need and have long traditions of supporting decent shelter. We are called by our faith in God to serve families in need with generosity, humility and love. We invite you to join us for exciting opportunities, where we will unite as a faith community to build homes, transforming lives for low-income families.”


Build | Give | Advocate | Pray

Working with Habitat Metro Maryland provides a tangible opportunity to live out your faith. There are many meaningful ways to be involved in our mission, and together we can create a future where everyone had a safe, decent affordable place to live. People of all faiths share a common goal to help the less fortunate of those among us. Habitat Metro Maryland helps put FAITH into ACTION through various partnership opportunities for congregations. To find out how to fully engage your congregation view Covenant Congregations.


Interfaith Initiative

Everyone can use the hammer as a tool for peace. Habitat’s founder Millard Fuller called this concept the theology of the hammer, explaining: “we may disagree on all sorts of other things… but we can agree on the idea of building homes with God’s people in need.” Promote and embrace interfaith unity, partnership, and understanding with various houses of worship across Montgomery and Prince George’s County. To find out more about Interfaith Initiative view Interfaith Packet.  


Faith Sponsorship

 Support Habitat through fundraising and offerings – Fund our work through designated collections, special events or mission budget. You are also funding our work through scheduling a group build day. Habitat partner families benefit in many ways from the financial support of sponsorships, and sponsors are enriched by the experience of supporting hard working low-income families who simply seek a hand up and not a hand out in the construction of a new home or the preservation of their existing home. Sponsors provide financial resources to pay for the construction materials for homes across Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties. For more information on Faith Sponsorship opportunities view Faith Sponsorship.


A message from our Faith Relations Manager……..

 As part of our faith outreach effort, our affiliate is focusing on honing and strengthening our pre-existing support and developing new partnerships with faith communities in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties. Our affiliate has been working hard to fulfill our own mission of partnering with the community to create homeownership opportunities for hard working low-income families in need of decent housing. Habitat for Humanity invites people of all backgrounds, races and religions to build houses together in partnership with families in need. I hope you will take this time to consider supporting the ministry and mission of Habitat for Humanity as a congregation. To find out more information and how to further involve your organization whether monetarily, through volunteerism, or simply through prayer, I encourage you to contact me directly or view Ten Ways to Partner with Habitat.  



Todd Gray

Rev. Todd Gray

301.990.0014 ext. 32