Legislative Priorities:

  • Increase the production and preservation of affordable housing
  • Support legislation that helps homeowners avoid foreclosure
  • Support federal initiatives that assist habitat affiliates nationwide
  • Pursue global secure tenure initiatives
  • Encourage development of Housing Trust Funds
  • Increase volunteer and service opportunities
  • Encourage elected officials to advocate for affordable housing


Why is affordable housing important?

Several studies show some of the potential benefits of homeownership to be:

  • Higher educational performance and better behavior of children
  • Lower community crime rates
  • Lessened welfare dependency among households
  • More household participation in civic affairs
  • Better household health


Health Impacts of homeownership:

  • Money is available for health care expenditures and nutritious food
  • Children are half as likely to suffer from iron deficiencies


Education Impacts of Homeownership:

  • Children do not have to change schools frequently due to unwanted moves
  • Families can move into neighborhoods with stronger school systems


Economic Impacts of Homeownership:

  • Home equity makes up a significant portion of household wealth for low-income homeowners
  • Parental homeownership affects child labor earnings through increased educational attainment