YIMBY = “Yes In My BackYard”



Say “Yes!” to affordable housing in your neighborhood and you will be supporting your local economy and community. In contrast to a NIMBY (“Not In My BackYard”) attitude, often used to describe community objections to new development, a YIMBY attitude embraces affordable housing. Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland wants to inform local residents of their affordable mortgage home program to change a NIMBY neighborhood into a YIMBY (“Yes In My BackYard”) one.

Advocacy is:

  • Participating in short-term activities to  reach a long-term vision of policy changes.
  • Drawing community attention to an issue, building support, and directing policy makers toward a solution.
  • Developing strategies to shape decision-making at the organization, local, state, national, and international levels.

Advocacy is not:

  • Increasing an organization’s budget
  • Providing information, education, and communication without a call to action.
  • Raising awareness about Habitat for Humanity and its affiliates

Through advocacy:

  • We reach more families in need. For example, an affordable housing advocacy campaign might promote more funding for housing trust funds or secure tenure, thereby enabling more people to move out of inadequate housing
  • We find solutions to complex problems. By working to influence governmental agenda, corporate behavior, or public policy we are able to tackle complicated housing issues that could not be dealt with solely through Habitat for Humanity programs
  • We defend community needs. Habitat has insight into community issues through neighborhood volunteers, homeowner families, donors, and business partners. By partnering with our constituents, we can communicate local views to policy makers