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Habitat for Humanity Global Village

About Habitat for Humanity’s Tithe Program

The word “tithe” comes from the tradition in which people of certain faiths donate ten percent of their income to their religious institution. Through Habitat’s tithe program, Habitat partners are encouraged to donate a tenth of what they raise in support of house building in another country, encouraging all programs to participate in the international effort to eliminate poverty housing.

HFHMM Tithes 10% of all unrestricted donations to the Habitat for Humanity affiliate in El Salvador, and more specifically to a project in the El Barrial community in Morazán.

About Habitat for Humanity El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America.  Two volcanic chains run down its center, rising from fertile plateaus that otherwise characterize the countryside.

Habitat for Humanity El Salvador builds homes that are earthquake-resistant and are made of concrete blocks and structural steel reinforcement.  The roofs are made of fiber-cement sheeting and the floors of cement brick.  Most homes have two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room and a latrine or toilet.   Windows are shutter type, protected by steel bars in order to provide adequate lighting, ventilation and security.

About the El Barrial Community

The local economy is based on agriculture (corn and beans), pottery, poultry farming, masonry, general stores and remittances.  The average monthly income for a family in the community is $275.  The El Barrial community has come together to create community resources that improve the quality of life.  The community already has electricity and potable water, a child development center and school, a community center, and a Civil Protection Commission. 

In 1992, 60 permanent homes were built by another NGO, many of which now need improvements.  An additional 49 homes were built by the families with various materials, many of which need to be rebuilt. 

HFHMM and other Habitat affiliates across Maryland have committed to participate in a 4 year project beginning in 2013 aimed at improving housing solutions in the El Barrial Community.  With Habitat for Humanity El Salvador, we will build 45 new homes and rehab 45 existing homes, with a budget of $638,000 and we would love your help!

Your Donation Goes a Long Way to Help Internationally

To date, HFHMM has tithed almost $200,000 to international Habitat Affiliates. This money has helped to build more than 70 Habitat homes globally. For every Habitat home we build or rehab in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, we are able to fund the building or rehabilitation of 1 and a half homes internationally. When you make a donation you are not only supporting your local Habitat you are helping families all over the world.  Interested in making a donation directly to this project?  Please contact Sarah Reddinger at Sarah.Reddinger@HabitatMM.org.

Global Village in El Salvador

Are you looking for an adventure that will expand your mind, help you into better physical shape, and touch your heart and spirit all at once? Then join us on a global village trip to El Salvador.  HFHMM will be leading at least one trip a year to build homes for families in the El Barrial Community in Morazán, El Salvador. You will learn about the country and the people in a way that you never could with ordinary travel. For more information on upcoming builds contact Sarah Reddinger at Sarah.Reddinger@HabitatMM.org.