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How to Apply: Homeownership Program

If you are interested in learning more about Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland’s homeownership program including application and selection process, please carefully review the following information.

The short version:

  • APPLICANTS will attend a homeownership information session and complete an intake interview
  • HFHMM will notify you if and when you are matched to an appropriate project
  • APPLICANTS will complete a full application within two weeks of notification
  • HFHMM will review your application
  • APPLICANTS will be notified of a selection decision within six months of submitting a full application

The extended version:

1. Attend a Homeownership Information Session

To start the process, interested homebuyers must attend an HFHMM Homeownership Information Session held at our office.  Registration is strongly encouraged because walk-ins might not be allowed. Only one adult per application needs to attend this session.

During the session, attendees will learn about the Habitat homeownership model, requirements for purchasing a home, the selection process, selection criteria, etc.  All interested attendees will then undergo an intake meeting with a Family Selection Committee Member.

PLEASE NOTE:  Attendance at an information session and completion of an intake meeting does not guarantee receipt of an application, notification of projects, nor selection as a Habitat homebuyer.  After a successful intake meeting, HFHMM will keep applicant information on file for up to SIX months or until the applicant is notified of THREE projects or until the applicant chooses to SUBMIT an application for homeownership, whichever comes first.

2. Notification of Project / Request to Submit Application – up to six months

After reviewing the intake information collected at the homeownership information session, HFHMM will try to match interested families with an upcoming project.

A few key things to remember about step two:

  • HFHMM will not always have projects to match with interested applicants
  • Applicants do not have to submit an application for each project
  • Intake information will be kept on file for up to SIX months or until the applicant is notified of THREE projects or until the applicant chooses to SUBMIT an application for homeownership, whichever comes first

3. Application Submission – two weeks

Applicants who are notified of a project will have the option of submitting a full application to purchase one of the project homes.  A complete application must be received within two weeks.  No missing information will be allowed; an incomplete application will be denied!

4. Application Review – up to three months

HFHMM will carefully review the application to determine whether a family fulfills the required criteria.  If the application fulfills the criteria, a home visit will occur.  For more information please visit our Family Selection Criteria page of our website.

The home visit has three goals:

  • To determine housing need
  • To discuss the mortgage and loan package as well as home specifications
  • To answer questions

A final decision regarding approval or denial for purchase is not determined during the home visit.  HFHMM will complete an application evaluation after the home visit in preparation for final review.

5. Notification of Selection Decision – within two months of home visit

The Family Selection Committee meets monthly to discuss potential homebuyers and make a decisions on whether to approve or deny a family.  A final approval must be given by HFHMM’s Board of Directors on whether or not a family can purchase a home from HFHMM.

Inevitably, there will be more qualified homebuyers than homes available so not all qualified families will be able to purchase.  Please do not let a denial from HFHMM end your search to purchase a simple, decent, affordable home in Montgomery County.

For more information please contact our Family Services Coordinator at Family.Services@HabitatMM.org or 301-990-0014 x21.