College Park Aging in Place

HFHMM College Park Aging in Place program is a construction-based resource aimed at identifying and addressing health/safety related repairs and accessibility modifications to the home. The goal of this program is to provide owner-occupied homes with a safe, healthy, and accessible environment.

There is no repayment for this program.

Home Repair Program Break Down:

Eligible Services:

Roof Repair/Replacement

Water heater replacement

Zero-step Entry Solutions

Porch repair or replacement

Drywall repair or replacement

Plumbing repairs (major or minor)

Minor electrical repairs

Accessible Bathrooms

Services not considered:

Foundation repairs

Large scale mold treatment

Window Replacement



Cosmetic Improvements/upgrades

*Any additional services that are not listed above will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Things to know:

  • Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland Repair and Weatherization is not an emergency or crisis-based program. If you have issues within your home which cause an imminent danger to you or members of your household, please see our additional resources page for more information.
  • HFHMM strives to serve as many households as possible. For Homeowners who participated in our Repair, Weatherization, and/or CAPABLE program(s) in 2016 or later, HFHMM will not approve applications for additional services within a 7-year period.

How It Works

  • HOMEOWNERS must submit an inquiry in order to receive an application at a time when funding is available. To submit an inquiry online, scroll down.
  • HFHMM will notify you by mail at a time when applicable funding is available.
  • HOMEOWNERS will complete a full application within 2 – 3 weeks of receiving it in the mail, complete with required documentation.
  • HFHMM will review applications, conduct a home visit, and determine eligibility based on program capabilities and needs.
  • HOMEOWNERS will be notified of a decision to either pursue estimates for proposed services or deny the application.
  • HFHMM will determine which services, if any, fall within funding/program capabilities, budget, timeline etc.
  • HOMEOWNERS will sign an agreement for conduct and liability which includes the proposed scope of work for the home.  

Program Eligibility

In order to be considered eligible, applicant(s) must:

  • Be willing to partner with HFHMM by upholding the terms of the agreement with HFHMM, being responsive, helpful in any way they are able.
  • Be a City of College Park homeowner
  • Be an individual of 62 years or older
  • Be willing to sign an affidavit stating the intent to occupy the home for at least 5 years after the completion of work.
  • Have current homeowners’ insurance.
  • Have a total gross household income below the levels listed in this chart:
Household Size Maximum Income Annual Allowed (gross)

1 $66,750

2 $76,250

3 $85,800

4 $95,300

5 $102,950

6 $110,550

7 $118,200

8+ $125,800

*there is no minimum income needed to qualify
*HFHMM does not consider assets

Submit an Inquiry:

If you are interested in submitting an inquiry, click here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to:
Repair and Weatherization Program
Repair Client Coordinator
Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland
301-990-0014 x 19