Race and Housing

Our Nation has a long history and a distressing present of housing segregation and discrimination, particularly against Black and Indigenous Americans.  Discriminatory housing policies are a principal cause of racial inequities which plague our communities today. At a time when the global pandemic has laid bare these disparities and the gap between white and Black homeownership is wider than in 1934, it is critically important that we work together to dismantle structural racism, pursue antiracist policies, and ensure that everyone has equitable access to communities of opportunity. Let’s learn from the past to build a better future.

Warning: this video contains one use of profanity in the first 10 seconds

History of Housing Segregation & Discrimination

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Fair Housing Advancements

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Continuation of Discriminatory Practices

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Housing segregation and discrimination persist today and have led to incalculable inequities in health, education, policing, wealth, and access to healthy foods, parks, public transit and so much more.

As a housing provider, Habitat understands the critical role that it must play in pursuing antiracist policies that support inclusive communities and equitable access to high quality, affordable housing.  Habitat also knows that increased access to affordable homeownership will provide Black households with vital opportunities to build equity, transforming generations.

Policy Solutions

  1. Increase Opportunities for Black Homeownership
  2. Invest in Distressed, Racially Segregated Communities to Promote Inclusive Recovery
  3. Stop Perpetuating Housing Segregation by Promoting Opportunities for Black Households to Rent and Purchase in Communities of Opportunity
  4. Invest in Affordable Rental Housing
  5. Minimize the Damage and Compounding Effect of COVID19 for Black Households

*Read more about these policy solutions in Habitat for Humanity International’s Policy Brief on Housing Policy & Racial Disparities.


HFHMM’s advocacy work related to Racial Equity & Social Justice



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Voter Engagement & Registration

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Additional Resources



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